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The Vanport Mosaic is a community-driven memory-activism platform that amplifies, honors, and preserves silenced histories. With a focus on digital brand expression, information architecture, and brand messaging, we worked with the organization’s founders to create a new website that articulates their dedication to community engagement and historical narratives.

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Deeply inspired by the concept of “the mosaic,” the site brings the literal and symbolic expressions of Vanport Mosaic’s established logo to life. In this interactive environment, parts come together to create dynamism and a sense of inclusivity, reflecting the organization’s community of diverse voices, histories, and creative disciplines.

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By expanding the main navigation and language of the links to add clarity and action to the user experience, the new website establishes an immersive tone, defining Vanport Mosaic’s core mission, while promoting events and offering a platform for learning via primary resources and archive access. With new and improved visual hierarchy, site visitors can easily and intuitively navigate to the information they’re looking for, from the moment they land on the homepage.

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Our goal was to bring to life the concept of “the mosaic,” imparting dynamism and inclusivity, while reflecting a community of diverse voices, expressions and disciplines, as well as the primary missions of memory activism, amplification, and illumination of history.

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