We're in this together.





Do you remember what it felt like to wake up that morning –



the morning of November 9, 2016?

On that morning, we, The Beauty Shop team, came into the studio. We hugged, we cried. Julie went to buy a new phone. And then, we collectively decided that business as usual was a privilege that we could no longer afford.



At 11am, we posted this message to our Instagram followers:


With the caption: Our new homepage. As designers we have a responsibility to use our skills to help those that will need representation the most in the coming four years. Contact us if you'd like to help. Pass it on.


And they did pass it on.


Within 48 hours, close to 300 designers, coders, copywriters, strategists, and other creative professionals had volunteered to help. We quickly realized that this was much larger than just The Beauty Shop, and the idea for Visible was born.


Visible is an alliance of activists working within the creative industry providing free graphic design, web development and other creative services to organizations fighting for social, environmental and civil rights causes. Our members are versed in over 30 creative disciplines.

Our members take a pledge to complete at least one pro-bono project each year for the next four years.


As founding members, we stand ready to fight for the rights and freedoms currently being threatened in our nation. We believe that creatives have a responsibility to use our skills to empower those in need of representation. Our studio has pledged to work with at least one pro-bono client each quarter for the next four years. 


Visit the Visible website to learn more.

Julie Lesseg