Beyond Trend workshop at BND DSGN 2015


Workshop at BND DSGN: BEyond Trend


Beyond Trend: gathering fresh ideas for interactive design in a world where trends travel at digital speed.

Each period in design adheres to a set of assumptions, and these assumptions influence trends and conventions. The Beauty Shop shares some of the ways that we look for inspiration beyond our screens, and beyond our field. Through a variety of hands-on exercises, participants will investigate alternative inspiration sources within the physical world, and challenge design trends & assumptions by thinking about how an audience can experience design beyond a standardized approach.


Bend Design 2015 is a celebration of design thinking and design doing. We will stoke curiosity, spark innovation, empower collaboration, and make things happen. Drawing inspiration from multidisciplinary design thinkers in Bend and across the country, Bend Design 2015 will feature workshops, lectures, tours, and hands-on design opportunities, inviting community members, designers, trade professionals, students, entrepreneurs, city officials and citizen-experts, to participate in a conversation around the shape of our shared future.



The Beauty Shop / JenThomas