The Beauty Shop is a is a women-owned creative agency and graphic design studio located in Portland, Oregon specializing in branding, packaging, and Squarespace website design and development.


Disability Rights Oregon (DRO) upholds the civil rights of people with disabilities to live, work, and engage in the community, working to transform systems, policies, and practices to allow more people to reach their full potential. We partnered with them to redesign their brand and website, and define a new standard of uncompromised accessibility for their visual and digital experiences.

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Each of DROs brand elements—from color contrast and tone, to type weight, to letterforms—needed to be accessible and approachable to users with a wide range of cognitive, physical, and neurological backgrounds, all while imparting a serious impression in the courtroom.


After establishing a visual brand designed with consideration for those with disabilities, we set out to create a digital experience for DRO that demonstrates uncompromised accessibility. Every aspect of the website is measured to exceed ADA requirements.

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We tailored our research not only for users with hearing, sight, and cognitive challenges, but also for those experiencing houselessness, with limited access to hardware and connectivity, and from a broad set of neurodiverse backgrounds. The resulting site takes user-friendliness to the next level through visual appeal, brand consistency, and ultra-compatibility for screen reading devices and navigating by keyboard or commands—all designed with a clear, easy-to-navigate information hierarchy.

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