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To make sure that we have everything we need before we start , and so that all parties are clear on the parameters of
our scope of work for the project, we ask that you  review and fill out the information below before we start.




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please fill in "none" for any of the accounts below that you do not have.


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please note that Facebook has very strict security and although we will try our best to connect your account, this may need to be done by you with our assistance.

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Review of studio policies



Existing nameservers and hosting *

If you have a previous website that attached to your domain which was hosted outside of your domain registrar, your nameservers may be pointed elsewhere than your domain registrar. We ask that you have your nameservers reset to registrar defaults prior to launching your own site. (please contact your domain registrar / hosting provider to confirm that your nameservers are set to default settings prior to launch.)

I understand that it is my responsibility to make sure that my nameservers are not pointed away from my domain registrar before The Beauty Shop can connect my URL to Squarespace.



Email *

(please contact your domain registrar or current email host to resolve any email migration or hosting questions and needs you may have.)

I understand that The Beauty Shop does not offer email migration or email hosting assistance.



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I understand that third-party functionalities such as pinterest Pin-it buttons, Facebook and Instagram integration features, may not always function as expected, and are subject to change at any time based on the decisions of Squarespace and the other third-party providers.



Commerce setup *

The Beauty Shop will design your shop and enter all the products as listed in your official scope of work. However, you must enter your billing and shipping details prior to launch.

I understand that I will need to set up my own billing and shipping details once my site design is complete.





Terms of Service *

By checking this box I herby certify that I understand and agree with the Beauty Shop’s studio policies, my scope of work for this project, and that additional items that will need to be billed hourly if added at a later date.



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