The Creative Resistance

The Creative Resistance

Friday April 21 - Talks 1pm–6pm



What will we do after the protest? Build the movement together

By Charlie Brown, Context Partners: Introduction by Visible

We’re in a movement moment, that much is clear. But can anyone tell me what the movement is about? We’ve got to have a clear answer to make impact. Let’s be real and let’s get organized. Protesting and RT’ing doesn’t change complex, long-entrenched systems. Instead of amplifying our differences, and all the bad behavior in the world, let’s capitalize on what we have in common and design our way forward. Let’s work through the three must-haves in all movements, and learn the unique role each of us is most needed to play.

Tuesday, APRIL 25 - 6pm - 8pm

Panel: The Creative Resistance


Visible is an alliance founded by the Portland design agency The Beauty Shop in response to the results of the 2016 election. Visible functions as a network to connect the skills of designers, web developers, writers, photographers, and more with the needs of organizations who serve underrepresented social, environmental, and civil rights causes and communities nationwide.

As creative professionals, we know our work increases reach, influence, and recognition—there’s strength in numbers and visibility matters. This event features a panel of Visible Studio Partners: full-service creative agencies that have taken the Visible pledge to complete at least one pro-bono project per year for the next four years. 



Liz Valentine, CEO, Swift Co. A Possible Agency

Toni Smith, Owner/President, Happy Lucky

Laura Whipple, Founder/President,  Scout Books & Pinball Publishing

Tuesday, 4/25/2017 - 6pm - 8pm

The Beauty Shop / INDIVISIBLE HQ / New New Crusher Court
2500 NE SANDY BLVD. Suite A, Portland, OR 97232

$10 / 60 spaces availABle

Wednesday, April 26  5:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Let’s Get Busy: Speed Consulting for Nonprofits


Nonprofits: Need to develop your brand? Ideas on the best ways to engage your audience through social media? Does your yearly gala need a new logo? Join us at Let’s Get Busy!

Precious Bugarin Design + Esper House join forces to connect nonprofits with the creative community in speed date style consulting sessions. Creative businesses in branding, web, social and PR will be on hand to offer nonprofits advice and answer questions. Nonprofits may meet with 3 creative consultants during our speed date round.


PICA / 415 SW 10th Ave #300
Portland, Oregon 97205


Thursday, April 27 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM


The Beauty Shop / VISIBLE HQ / New New Crusher Court


Come visit us and all our wonderful neighbors at the New New Crusher Court! Our space is home to The Beauty Shop design studio, Visible HQ, Distillery Corps, and more!

It’s going to be a party, with all our talented and inspiring neighbors in the NNCC participating. As our neighbors Studio Mega have stated:

“There will be things to see, or do, or drink, or make, and you will want to stay, or call your friend to come over and join you, or turn to your friend and say “this is great.” And somewhere along the way we'll form a bond that lasts beyond this silly party, and from that moment forward, will bump into each other on the street, or at the coffee shop, or in the grocery store and say “hey!” 


Don’t miss it!

The New New Crusher Court
2500 NE Sandy
Portland, Oregon 97232